Rick Carlisle Steps Down! What Next?

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Re: Rick Carlisle Steps Down! What Next? 

Post#161 » by DickMotta4Prez » Fri Jul 2, 2021 11:34 pm

RC might have been the only coach at the time that could help Dirk get a ring. While he still has something, it was well past time for both he and Donnie to move on. The Mavs have failed to develop young players since Dirk was drafted and that has to make fans question how much more Luka & KP can benefit from the right coach and a better cast of teammates.
I was bearish on the Kidd hire, but the more I read about his time on the Lakers bench, the more optimistic I become.
Mavs need more complimentary players to fill out the roster, the types who don't come cheap in free agency. They need the FO to find young assets and a coaching staff that's willing and able to develop them. That just wasn't happening with the old regime. I'm unsure whether Cuban is a detriment to that process
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Re: Rick Carlisle Steps Down! What Next? 

Post#162 » by LAL1947 » Wed Sep 8, 2021 2:21 am

I was just looking at the squad that Rick Carlisle has inherited over at the Pacers. They are obviously lacking a true star... but have mild-mannered players and are pretty well covered in each position... got a couple of nice rookies too (bolded font). It seems a more balanced group than he and Donny put together, heh. No wonder he was keen to take the job.

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