RS 21/22 - Mavs @ Suns (Friday, 10PM EST)

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Re: RS 21/22 - Mavs @ Suns (Friday, 10PM EST) 

Post#21 » by LAL1947 » Sat Nov 20, 2021 1:46 pm

41Dirk41 wrote:
LAL1947 wrote:
Joshrm wrote:Missing Free throws
Missing easy baskets at rim
Missing Open shot

Equal loss game

The missed 3-PT shots and baskets at the rim are especially annoying.

Jason Kidd needs to look the team up in the gym over All-Star break to have them working on these non-stop. :P

We only have streaky shooters.

Brunson is too small, around the rim everybody block him. And in the PO this problem is even bigger.

Yeah, that's true. Sometimes, it is their shot selection that bugs me though. For example, if they've only made 4/16 3PA and have a 4vs2 or 4vs3 break on, why give up an easy 2 to take and then miss another 3? Even JVG made a comment about that during the game.

With Brunson, I can understand and overlook that. At least he does good getting to the rim himself. What annoys me more is the bigs who cannot finish around the rim. Powell is always missing what I consider easy ones around the rim, except when they are easy dunks for him. Boban also misses a lot of easy ones in pressure situations.
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Re: RS 21/22 - Mavs @ Suns (Friday, 10PM EST) 

Post#22 » by Mr B » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:07 pm

Archx wrote:
HMFFL wrote:Jalen Brunson put up 18 points on 7-of-19 shooting (1-of-4 3-pointers) with 10 assists, four rebounds, one steal, and just two turnovers as the Mavericks fell 112-104 to the Suns on Friday night.

Brunson made his second straight start on Friday sans Luka Doncic and he had another great performance. Brunson's 10 assists to just two turnovers were huge, and his ability to make plays for himself and others was the main reason that the Mavericks were able to hang around with Phoenix despite being without their best player. Brunson is a must-have in daily leagues as long as Luka remains out, but in standard leagues, he is still a great late-round value.

Nov 20, 2021, 1:46 AM ET

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I don't know who wrote this but apparently people hated how Brunson played in the 2nd half. KP was frozen out and took only 3 shots while Brunson was missing layups. Overall he's good but it's the same thing as last season, when Luka plays Brunson is a great 2nd fiddle but he is still not what some people think he is.

There definitely times last night in the 2nd half where KP had established his position on the block but they either didn’t give him the ball or didn’t give it to him fast enough. It wasn’t just Brunson though. Ntilikina did it a couple of times, DFS did it at least 1 time I can remember. KP is the best player on the court when Luka is out and the should be taking advantage of that. KP though also doesn’t always post up on a P&R when he’s got a clear advantage. The team is actually not playing bad but these mistakes are keeping them from closing games out.

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