PLAYOFF-2020 (Game#5, WCF): [3]Denver Nuggets vs [1]LA Lakers (1-3), SAT 21:00ET

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Re: PLAYOFF-2020 (Game#5, WCF): [3]Denver Nuggets vs [1]LA Lakers (1-3), SAT 21:00ET 

Post#21 » by THE J0KER » Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:12 am

There is no question is LeBron TOP5 or TOP10 of all-time, but only is he #1 or #2! LBJ was drafted for Cleveland (17-65 record previous season) when they can't reach the playoff previous 4+ seasons, but 3 years later they played the NBA final. Then he joined the Miami Heat which previous 4+ seasons can't reach 2nd round of the playoff, but with LeBron, they played 4 NBA finals in the row next 4 seasons. Then he is back in Cleveland which without LeBron missing playoff all previous 4 seasons but with him back reached NBA finals all next 4 seasons. Then LeBron joins LA Lakers which previous 4+ seasons can't reach the playoff, but two years later they are in the NBA final! Respect! Jordan was coached the whole career (without short WAS part) by the TOP3 coach ever (if not #1), played on the team for years built around him which in 2nd half of his career was on dynasty level, so why is that more impressive than LeBron path to the glory which was true *coach* and *GM* of his teams in the 2nd half of his career (since CLE comeback)?

Because of his dominating athleticism, most of the people are blind to recognize that he is the TOP10 smartest people ever played in the NBA, at least in terms of BBIQ. If he wins the ring this season as FMVP, he will become the first player ever doing it playing for three different teams or playing on three different positions (SF/PF/PG)! He will never match Jordan scoring and defensive skills and plays in the clutch moments, but LBJ's versatility, passing, rebounding, and TS% were always better. 27-10-9 (64%TS%) this playoff at 36y really deserves big respect.

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