Game 43: Denver Nuggets (25-17) @ Orlando Magic (14-28) - 7:00PM

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Re: Game 43: Denver Nuggets (25-17) @ Orlando Magic (14-28) - 7:00PM 

Post#21 » by skywalker33 » Wed Mar 24, 2021 6:52 pm

The Rebel wrote:
skywalker33 wrote:
The Rebel wrote:Watching Fournier I do not understand why people think he is such a good fit on this team, his defense is bad and he is just as much of an iso player as Barton is.

Maybe it is just me but Barton seems to playing like a guy about to be traded.

It was a hard game to watch, especially after the 1st quarter it just seemed like we lost focus until the last 8 minutes or so of the game. It felt like we were just toying with them the whole time.

Agreed about Barton, he's gotta know his name is being bantered around. And while Fournier is as much of an iso player, at least it feels like he's more efficient than Barton, less hero-ball

Fournier as the 6th man makes some sense, he is a better scorer than Barton, but not even the defender that BArton is. Yet I see people talk about how we need him to start at SG, which is a huge mistake if you ask me.

Well, I can agree with Fournier as a 6th man, but only when Harris or Morris gets healthy. Until then (presuming Barton is part of that trade), Fournier has the scoring and experience that would fill an immediate need. Putting him on the bench would help make it more of an offensive threat, something we could use going forward.

Speaking of the bench, I did like the performance Zeke gave, he's coming right along IMO
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Re: Game 43: Denver Nuggets (25-17) @ Orlando Magic (14-28) - 7:00PM 

Post#22 » by psimanic1 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:33 am

psimanic1 wrote:MPJ and Gordon were talking at the end of the game, Gordon told him he is just going to pick up his bags and he is on a bus for Toronto game :P

Just kidding, but he was showing him something like that, like when you are finishing pickup game and saying hey im just gonna get my stuff and we can leave lol

Michael Porter Jr. says he "had a moment" with Aaron Gordon on the court after the Nuggets and Magic played three days ago.

"He said he was hoping to see me soon," Porter said just now.


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