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Spectators - Nuggets 

Post#1 » by NuggetsWY » Sun Nov 7, 2021 2:44 pm

Hustle - movement - effort - desire --- My theme for the last couple of years and I'll continue to complain about this again, based on what I've seen in the four games I've watched.

With Jokic as their center, the best attribute any Nugget can have is to move on offense. Use back picks, run the baseline, cut to the basket off the wing, etc. Even the announcers of our opponents have commented on this lack of movement when Jokic has the ball.

29th in 3pt% but 6th best in FG%: The FG% shows we can shoot. 3pt% would go up, if players were open. For example, set a backpick for another player who is cutting to the basket and you just might have an open 3pt shot. Standing around lets our opponents relax and stay in the game longer.

30th in FTA indicates the Nuggets are not heading to the basket. They are settling for outside shots: 3pt & long 2s.

6th in turnovers - probably because other teams lay off our guys since they all like to make fancy passes like Jokic - they expect us to pass, not shoot. It also makes it harder for even Jokic to find assists. His assists per game have dropped from 8.3 last year to 5.2. That is not on him. In fact his shots per game is down also. He's trying to get others involved. As a result, he's averaging a career high in turnovers.

Remember that 3-on-none we had in the Rockets game? Porter blew the layup and Houston got the rebound. One Rocket hustled while two Nuggets simply watched from a distance.

P.S. We are 27th in points per game and with our defense - we are not going anywhere unless our offense is significantly better.

But that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before.

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