2021-22 Season

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2021-22 Season 

Post#1 » by skywalker33 » Sun Nov 14, 2021 2:58 am

Moved into 1st place in the NW Division, 3rd in the Conference. Things going better than expected, especially without 2 of our top 3 scorers playing right now. Some nice components of the season

* AG finding his role and his "capability" of stepping up when the situation calls for it.
* Barton showing his scoring chops especially when he's needed to step up.
* The drafting and development of Bones Hyland, looks like a steal in this draft. Shows a bite to his game even as a rookie
* To a lesser extent, Zeke Nnaji showing reasonable capability off the bench, if only Malone see this in time
* PJ Dozier adding to both ends, adding his defense to make this the #1 defense, something we're not used to.

And some things that need to be addressed still:

* JaMychel Green got a nice raise but has underperformed so far, he has value around the league, can we trade him ??
* Facu has shown his offense is lacking, he's a liability on half the court. He has experience, but does his defense warrant mins ?
* Bol Bol was spotlighted in the SL, guess Malone missed it, does he have any trade value ?
* What can we do to get MPJ back up to snuff, is his back the issue, will rest revitalize his game ?
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