Game 38 : Denver Nuggets @ Oklahoma City Thunder

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Game 38 : Denver Nuggets @ Oklahoma City Thunder 

Post#1 » by ducler » Sun Jan 9, 2022 8:23 pm

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Re: Game 38 : Denver Nuggets @ Oklahoma City Thunder 

Post#2 » by THE J0KER » Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:27 am

Malone is back, so no matter how big is our lead at halftime and how weak the opponent is on the road, they will be back. :oops:

So despite a 12p lead after 1st half, we won against the youngest team in the league who not even playing competitive basketball yet mostly thanks to Rivers overperforming from the bench with 22 points (6-9 for 3pt).

BTW Barton should be abandoned to have the last play in the games. Jokic has a dream match-up with Muscala (who?), but Barton going to hero-ball 1-on-3 layup vs taller players and he was so lucky that 4th player fouled him unnecessary joining there with a dumb move.
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Re: Game 38 : Denver Nuggets @ Oklahoma City Thunder 

Post#3 » by GeorgeSears » Mon Jan 10, 2022 4:26 am

This was not a great win. It was another double digit lead that was blown in the 2nd half.

Malone, at one point in the 3rd, actually had a lineup on the floor consisting of: Rivers, Campazzo, Reed, Nnaji and Green, which predictably turned out to be a disaster. If you asked me to build Denver's worst lineup, that would be it.

Campazzo should simply not be playing more than 15 minutes in a game. He played 22 and was a -14 with 1 point and 3 turnovers. I'm more concerned with Nnaji though, because he's looking more and more like a bust. I get that you're not expected to draft a game changer with the 22nd pick, but he just looks like he doesn't belong in the league. Bones has hit a bit of rookie wall it seems but I'm less concerned about him.

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