Early most disappointing team next season

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Re: Early most disappointing team next season 

Post#21 » by bwgood77 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:19 pm

Otis Driftwood wrote:
bwgood77 wrote:Probably the Cowboys. Sophomore slump time.

That's my worry. Not so much on offense - I actually think they will be OK. But our defense is going to be young. Really, really young. And the schedule will be significantly tougher. Add to that the Giants appear to have improved and the Iggles have WR's now where they didn't last year...

I think there will be natural regression in the regular season due to tougher schedule, teams being more ready for them, having more available game tape, etc. That being said, come playoff time, if they make it, their experience and perhaps having to deal with more adversity might help them by that point.

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