Colin Kaepernick would only "consider" playing in the AAF for $20 million or more

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Re: Colin Kaepernick would only 

Post#21 » by kyrv » Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:34 pm

soxfan2003 wrote:
Dominater wrote:
RipPizzaGuy wrote:
See thats the difference between us. I'm a Niners fan, I couldnt care less what he decided to protest or not protest.. All I cared about was results on the field. The guy went 3-16 in his last 19 starts, he couldnt make a 2nd read, he couldnt throw an easy wide open 15 yard pass. His one above average ability was running and even then he got sacked an insane amount of times.

Id love if someone did give him a chance so that after 3 games EVERYONE who shares your mindset could see hes not a quality NFL QB.

Again I find it so funny that everyone thinks he deserves a job, but nobody wants him on their team. Football is a results oriented game. Maybe hes better than the average backup QB, but the distraction that comes with him from the media just isn't worth that of a backup QB.

For sure man. What kap did was by far the most clever thing i've ever seen an athlete pull. He had become irrelevant to the point that he lost his starting job to Blaine freakin Gabbert of all people. So then he did the protest thing to make himself relevant again. Then turns it into a huge payday for himself when he was past the point of making more than backup money.

Now that being said, do i think his protest played a role in him being kept out? probably. But thats because he was protesting AND he wasn't very good. The juice wasn't worth the squeeze. If he did that while still bring a prime time Quarterback, he would have easily gotten offers despite the distraction. Thats how sports works. Look at how fast Kareem Hunt got another job. I know its a different issue, but the point is, if you have the talent, someone will sign you regardless of off the field issues

The mainstream media covered the whole CK protest about 10 times more than they should have given the athletes didn't add much discussion to a debate that has been ongoing for years and will continue to be ongoing for many years. I would have not covered it much after a week or two unless players were willing to truly engage on the issue. The issues no matter where you stand on them are complex so needed to be debated at local/national levels.

I am no fan of CK method of protest when it is done by people that haven't served in war at least and some of his takes but at the same time I sure do think athletes have the same rights as every other high profile person to let their views be known. I would have preferred CK simply take a knee after/before national anthem which still would have gotten a decent amount of attention if other players followed and more importantly be wiling to debate people who disagree with him about the scope of the problem. (Very few would dispute that in a nation of 1 million plus officers that their isn't some bad apples in law enforcement that act on prejudice based upon race or other prejudices.)

I may be very wrong but I don't think Kaepernick had bad self serving intentions at least at first but he got a lot of money for a QB that realistically was probably looking at 2-5 million a year as a backup for a few years if all of this never happened. If he did do well as a backup given another chance to start then he could have gotten a nice 2 year deal. He was a good fit when Niners had a super talented team but they obviously no longer had that at the end. Jimmy G. did show what a very skilled QB near the top of his game can do for the 49ers.

I doubt there was collusion among all 30 or so NFL teams but the NFL probably has enough embarrassing info that could have been a factor. And the much, much bigger factor I suspect was just bad publicity for the league. I mean lets say NFL wins which I suspect they would have...there may have been a lot of people protesting or upset at the outcome.

Both Tebow and Kaepernick got less opportunities by the NFL for similar reasons. They were media distractions. And when you are distraction, the NFL will go with someone else unless you talent is clearly worth that distraction. Seattle was willing to give him a tryout until he said he would guarantee standing for national anthem.

I am no fan of David Stern at all but I think he got it right in the sense, the NFL should have fined these players after a warning -- if the CBA allowed -- but at the same time I actually do think a few teams should have stepped up to the plate and given Kaepernick a chance to compete for a backup or even starting job. Give him incentive laden deal.

Roger Goodell is awful and should be fired. Ridiculously overpaid. A bunch of very competent people would do that job for a million a year. Goodell should have actually intervened on behalf of CK after the protests largely died down and asked which teams were willing to take on CK. If no team willing to step up to the plate, maybe give a team that does an extra roster spot and not have the money paid to him for a year count against the cap.

Can't do that when everyone protests but I do think CK case was different.

Great read, and just to add about the distractions, when it's a QB it's times a million. If CK was a wide receiver, I have no doubt he would be playing now (if he wanted). Many protesters and subjectively bad people get NFL jobs - that aren't QBs.

Also yes big time on the media just beating people over the heads with the story at first and of course people got tired of it. Now I just read someone took a knee the entire season - I hadn't even heard of it. Just weird and scary how the media decides what is news and what isn't.

By the way, today the sports radio I've heard, most are pretending CK won the case. I think some people aren't aware and some people are pretending they aren't aware, that companies write checks all the time to make things/people go away. My company settled lawsuits all the time, even silly ones. You just choose the path that is best for the company figuring in time/energy/money fighting a case.

Again if CK's goal was to prove collusion, he lost. He didn't prove collusion. If his goal was to get a check, possibly a nice fat one, then he won. The NFL, not sure how people think they lost. They cut a check to make something go away. Happens every day.

I *really* thought CK and his people were chomping at the bit to get the NFL big wigs at a deposition under oath. That may have been popcorn worthy, I'm guessing we'd have found some stuff, not even related to collusion but just stuff the NFL would probably rather keep in house.

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