Let's start the rebuild!

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Re: Let's start the rebuild! 

Post#281 » by MotownMadness » Fri Jul 31, 2020 3:47 am

chrbal wrote:
BJK1 wrote:How bad is Gordon’s deal? The Pistons have the cap space to take on a “bad” contract or two, but it all depends on the duration of those contracts and what assets they get with them.

Expires in 23/24. High teens low 20s per year

I really wouldn't touch that contract. Not for whatever low asset they try to use to dump it anyways.
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Re: Let's start the rebuild! 

Post#282 » by snowman » Sun Aug 2, 2020 3:15 pm

MotownMadness wrote:
Pharaoh wrote:
vege wrote:
Too many wasted roster spots for bad players and a bad pick. I would rather let Rose expire to be honest.
The roster spots are only wasted if our organization doesn't believe these guys are worth having, in which case we'd waive them anyway.

Personally I think we can get more for Rose than a bunch of question marks and the 26th pick.

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I was a Romeo Langford fan last draft so I'll take him and late pick. Honestly I'd probably take either one just cause Rose is a waste of time here and can create too much of his own offense when we really need to lose our asses off again for that 21 draft.

That defeats Boston purpose of the trade. If I were Boston I would even add in the 30th pick to the 26th to get the deal done. That's just me though.
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Re: Let's start the rebuild! 

Post#283 » by chrbal » Mon Aug 3, 2020 12:08 am

I could see that. I only see them hanging on to their 1st first rounder. 26 and 30 are trade bait I’m thinking

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