Deni Avdija Full "UNGUARDABLE" 2019/20 Highlights ● The Next STAR!

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Re: Deni Avdija Full "UNGUARDABLE" 2019/20 Highlights ● The Next STAR! 

Post#21 » by DetroitDon15 » Thu May 7, 2020 3:01 am

UcanUwill wrote:Not sold on him, I had a very long post written about all European draft tendencies, mistakes that fans do overhyping when scouting, and my own mental exercise as Euroleague and NBA that I do to determine am I really high on an Euro draft prospect or not, but my browser shut down and that comment got lost.

Just want to point out that Luka Doncic was Euroleague MVP and Euroleague champion, Deni Avdija is 4 points per game scorer on a non contender team, he is more comparable to Mario Hezonja if you really want to compare young NBA draft prospect from Euroleague. Luka Doncic was so far ahead its not even funny.

I’m not high on Demi either. I don’t see the fit long term as I see Seku a SF if Wood resigns.
When a good hip player meets lotto team, your Pistons give us this gem:


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