Awesome - Wah 2008 v Champ 2006

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Awesome - Wah 2008 v Champ 2006 

Post#1 » by Ong_dynasty » Tue Dec 2, 2008 11:52 pm

Who do you guys think has been more impressive? for that specific year.

I know Namdi isnt finished yet, but I thought we can start since the season is almost finished.

I would probably go with Champ 2006. Been passed more, but had like 10 INT in like 30+ pass attempts...thats unheard of...while Also being a decent participant in the Run Game.
I think he did allow 1 TD, but if Im correct alot of his INT were in REDZONE and returned a few for six

But the fact that Namdi has been thrown to...I think less than 10 times (give or take) is quite astonishing..does anybody know how many has been completed against him?

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