These quarterbacks

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These quarterbacks 

Post#1 » by Celtsfan1980 » Mon Oct 9, 2017 2:56 pm

Baker Mayfield
Mason Rudolph
Luke Falk
Tracy McSorley
Jacob Eason
Kelly Bryant
Do we like any of them?
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Re: These quarterbacks 

Post#2 » by DraftHobbyist » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:22 pm

Mason Rudolph is my QB1 right now. He can make all the throws, and he's accurate. He has poise, good ball placement, can avoid pressure, he's decently athletic, and from what I've seen, he goes through progressions at times, even though he often throws to his first read. Sure, he plays in a Spread Offense, but it's more of a Pro Spread Offense.

Baker Mayfield has obvious talent, but is intangibles are lacking. He's extremely immature, and he has been in trouble with the law a few times. He has a pattern of behavior as well. I wouldn't touch him, but because of his talent, someone will take a chance on him. He's my QB5 (all my rankings are just play on the field, so I'm not considering his off-the-field stuff, injuries, etc., which drops him a bit).

Luke Falk's a no-go for me. He's in a true Spread Offense that lacks pro concepts. A lot of his passes are just short stuff, and when he went down, his back-up outperformed him. He has a compact throwing motion and poise, but he lacks physical tools and measurables. He's my QB8.

Josh Rosen of UCLA is a very talented QB. He probably has the best physical tools of any QB that will be in the Draft, but he is inconsistent at times. As far as a passer, though, he checks all of the boxes. He's my QB2 right now, and if he becomes more consistent, he'll overtake Rudolph. It's just hard for me to make him QB1 when he has multiple games where he struggles in the first half and then opens a bottle of lightning in the second half. I'm really splitting hairs at the top of the Draft, though. A few of these QB's are really good, not just one.

Sam Darnold is my QB3, but he better pick it up to stay there. I think he should go back to school. He has the physical tools, but he obviously needs development, and he's not playing the greatest right now. He is instinctive and keeps his eyes downfield when scrambling. He has poise and a pretty quick release. He does get happy feet sometimes, though, and he needs to lose some wasted motion in his throwing motion. Overall, a good, but unrefined prospect that I hope goes back to school, but reports are that he plans to come out.

Ryan Finley of NC State needs more attention. He's my QB4 right now, and he has NC State playing very well. I'd say he is bringing up the play of others more than they are bringing up his play. I really, really like Finley as a prospect. He has good ball placement, but he needs to learn to throw away from the defender more often. He can throw on the move and he goes through progressions very quickly. He has a good arm, is pretty athletic, has the poise to deliver the ball under pressure (or throw it away) and throws with anticipation. My main complaints all deal with his footwork. I think the core mechanics of his footwork are largely there, but he needs some tweaks to get rid of some bad habits and perfect some of the mechanics. I expect these to be pretty easy fixes, though. He obviously has the smarts, too, because he played for Boise St and then transferred to NC State and quickly picked up the Offense. He now has 11 TD's and 0 INT's along with a 69.4% accuracy and 7.9 yds/att, and he's doing this in a Pro Style Offense. I mean, that's just incredible. You could take 10% off his accuracy and tack on 5 INT's and still be pretty happy with what he's doing. The arrow is pointing up, and I'm really struggling to keep him below Darnold. Darnold is just a little more physically gifted, which is the main reason I'm keeping Finley at QB4 for now.

Josh Allen, Jake Browning, and Lamar Jackson are my QB6, QB7, and QB9 respectively right now. I'm leaning towards there being about 7 Draftable QB's out of the 14 I've looked closely at, but more like 10 will probably be taken, unless a bunch of guys go back to school.

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