Niners 2018 draft

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Niners 2018 draft 

Post#1 » by radtech » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:26 pm

The current Niners draft position is the number 2 slot, a choice position to be at, if Rosen and Darnold both declare for the draft. The recent acquisition of JimmyG has made the Niners very unlikely to draft a QB but has increase the likelihood of trading the pick to get more picks . Current teams that may trade up are the entire AFC east except the Patriots, Broncos, the Giants, the Bucs, and maybe the Cardinals.

First the Giants, the Niners can pull a Tribusky on them. Not draft him but threaten to trade the pick to a more needed team to jump the Giants if the Browns atay true and pick either of the top 2 QBs. Forcing the Giants with Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, and so on. Do the Giants just pickup the best player in Barkley, the running back from Penn. State?

The Jets, need a franchise QB to take over sooner than later. All their QBs are terrible.

The Dolphins, have Tannehill, but what does that mean?

The Bills, benched Taylor, realized after one game, they made a huge mistake that could them the playoffs and wha's worse, Taylor is a free agent.

The Broncos, very good defensively, but no QB ready to take over and score some points.

The Bucs, what can you say that your starting QB acts like a child, shows very little maturity, and just cant seem to get over the hump.

The Cardinals, Palmer aging fast but will Niners setup the Cardinals for years to come with either Rosen or Darnold?

The Niners primary need right now is to fix that awful offensive line, the middle of the line is made up of below talent. Josh Garnett still hasn't survive a whole year without injury. CJ is taking a massive pounding and the run game comes and goes. JimmyG will not survive and will look like the new Jim Everett, a shadow will take him down because of all the pressure and sacks.

Trade down, get more picks, hopefully recoup the second rounder from the JimmyG trade and another future first, take OG Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame and OC Billy Price OSU, in the second and build the offensive line from within. If doesn't matter who the QB is or who runs the ball when the offensive line can run or pass block.
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Re: Niners 2018 draft 

Post#2 » by Cammo101 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:15 am

There is a less than 0% chance of Tampa trading up for a quarterback.
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Re: Niners 2018 draft 

Post#3 » by xxSnEaKyPxx » Sun Dec 3, 2017 9:51 pm

49ers should trade down a few picks if possible and then take Quenten Nelson.

Then take best available corner or WR in round 2.

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