Questionable Trade poll. HELP SETTLE THIS.

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Should trading back to orginal team be allowed

No. Kind of shady.
Yes. Stop crying.
No votes
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Questionable Trade poll. HELP SETTLE THIS. 

Post#1 » by msiris » Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:28 pm

Hey guys. A guy traded Alshon Jeffery for Andy Dalton last week because his Qb was on bye and the waiver wire was bare. He was playing me and I was fine with the trade. After he beat me that Sunday he traded Dalton back to the orginal owner for Allen Hurns and then dropped Hurns. They said that was part of the orginal trade. I said you can't trade Dalton back to the same team. The trading players said it was ok since it was just Andy Dalton. I said you just open the door for others to do the same thing. Cant just rent players from other teams. I said it was ok to drop Dalton back on the wire. In this league the commish does not have any power to veto.

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