How valuable is Stephen Curry?

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Re: How valuable is Stephen Curry? 

Post#101 » by watch1958 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:51 am

watch1958 wrote:
Khoee wrote:there's only a couple of us here who realize what we have in Steph...I was late to the game but I've come around...Curry's a top 3 NBA talent for the next 15 years...the rest of the herd will realize it in 3 years and claim that they were on the wagon all at the herd...
Let's see. We all have to bow before you for the next dozen years as Curry leads the Ws deep into the playoffs year after year.

If that happens I can live with the shame........
I am living with the shame just fine. Good call though. :usa:
This movie is like the Rocky Horror Picture Show where everyone knows all the lines.

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