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Re: Free Agent Talk 

Post#801 » by wco81 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:02 am

Maybe KAT if the Wolves have another poor season?
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Re: Free Agent Talk 

Post#802 » by azwfan » Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:47 am

ILOVEIT wrote:Aside from Giannis or Anthony Davis...who could the Warriors acquire in a trade if they moved the core of DLO and top 5 pick? Any thoughts?

Feels like that should be worth an awful lot (if the pick is closer to 1 than 5), but teams don't just move star players cause they're getting good value. There needs to be someone available.

Still want Wiseman, but I'm ok with trading down if we're getting a lot of value. Our depth is crappy. Of the guys playing games so far this season, how many do we really think can help us in a title run next year?

Green, Russell, Paschall, Burks, and maybe Spellman in spot minutes? Add those to the 3 primaries that are injured and we got 8 useful players. Spellman being more of an end of the rotation big, I think he's useful as a 10th or 11th man. So even with the find of Paschall, we're still missing some key players (like a big minutes rotation guy and depth). Additionally, Burks is a FA and is injured quite a bit anyways.

From what i've seen...
Poole is going to be a project - throw him on the end of the bench.
Evans has proven nothing. He's gotta show something when he comes back cause he's on the verge of being behind Poole.
Chriss shows some stuff every now and then, but i don't want him playing minutes in the playoffs. Probably not on the team next year.
Lee not on the team next year.
I like Bowman as a development PG, but there's no place for him if Curry, Russell, and Evans all have guaranteed contracts.
GR3 - he's okay as our #2 or #3 SF depending on how strong the other wings are.
WCS - hopefully gone next year... or sooner.

Who I haven't seen:
Smiley even if he looks good is likely a young project big man and should not be seriously counted on as a cog in a playoff run.
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Re: Free Agent Talk 

Post#803 » by cdubbz » Tue Dec 17, 2019 10:55 pm

I really like Edwards personality for this team as well as his game obviously. Wouldn’t mind him or Cole right now.
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