Around the NBA IV

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Re: Around the NBA IV 

Post#1881 » by his_airness » Sun Sep 12, 2021 9:45 am

Steph loves golf and a man should have a hobby or other interests to relax. But I did a double take seeing this. Almost dropped my drink on my lap.
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Re: Around the NBA IV 

Post#1882 » by Crazy-Canuck » Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:23 am

AG with a big contract to avg 10 pts and be the 4th or 5th option.
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Re: Around the NBA IV 

Post#1883 » by FNQ » Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:44 am

Crazy-Canuck wrote:AG with a big contract to avg 10 pts and be the 4th or 5th option.

When you're a good team and trade away cost-controlled assets as you are way over the cap, this is the unfortunate endgame.. no matter what, you cant walk away with nothing, and that likely means overpaying the guy you brought in. Guy was negative in metrics across the board in Denver.. maybe can be chalked up to midseason trade, but AG's best years have him as a net neutral

Nuggets still an elite team, probably top 3, but their flexibility is now gone.. I wouldnt have signed him and seen if AG/MPJ/Hyland and some pick swaps can net an elite player if one becomes available.. now? They're pretty locked in. We'll see..
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Re: Around the NBA IV 

Post#1884 » by hamncheese » Sat Sep 18, 2021 4:40 pm

The title of this clip cracked me up.

Kawhi and PG now knowing what it's like to be Warriors fans. :lol:
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Re: Around the NBA IV 

Post#1885 » by wco81 » 48 minutes ago

Close to training camp, Simmons still saying he will never play for the Sixers again.

How much money is he willing to give up to get himself out of Philly?

He could pull a Harden (aka Vince Carter), report and just dog it, tank his value or make it more difficult for the 76ers to get the best return for him.

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