DLO trade thread

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Re: DLO trade thread 

Post#201 » by Scoots1994 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:33 am

Samurai wrote:
clyde21 wrote:
Samurai wrote:It is irrelevant. I personally think anyone who is being viewed as "untradeable" by the team without seeing him in an NBA game is overrated. But that is irrelevant as long as the team, for whatever reason, believes it. Overrated or not, if they wouldn't deal him for Westbrook, it is highly unlikely they would deal him for DLo. As I said, you'd not only have to have a very high regard for DLo, but must also believe Miami shares the same opinion, to think they would trade an untradeable asset for him. If you don't have a very high opinion of DLo it is illogical to believe that a team would trade an untradeable asset for him.

it's not irrelevant. you think this is fantasy, yet the guy above you wouldn't do it. which is it?

and this has nothing to do with my opinion of DLo. just because my opinion of Dlo is lower than most doens't mean that's true for the Heat's or other people (again, see post right above yours).

My opinion hasn't changed from what I stated in post #180.

But just because I wouldn't do the trade, that is irrelevant to the central point. If you are suggesting a trade involving someone that the other teams views as untradeable, then unless you have some additional info that Miami is so high on DLo that they would consider trading that untradeable asset for him, then yes - that would indeed be a fantasy.

Why even debate him? Has he ever learned from someone else here?
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Re: DLO trade thread 

Post#202 » by clyde21 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:55 am

killmongrel wrote:Miami is such a weird team because they're still at least 2 significant players away from being a threat in the East. They have Butler, and then some young guys, but that's it. They need a pg. They want to get rid of Waiters. Bam still needs some development. If Herro is their sg of the future, he's a few years away. So I don't knew exactly if they want to compete now since they have Butler or develop. If it's the former, they can't. If it's the latter, why is Butler even on the team? What I'm hoping is that Miami realizes they gotta develop their core and get desperate and want to trade Butler. If that's the case, we got a shiney new DLO for them.


we cant fit Butler moving forward, they'd want to pair Butler with another all-star in DLo in this case, hence the trade in the first place.

we send them DLo, Omari, Poole, Evans, and get back Herro, Winslow and Olynyk.

Klay / Herro
Green / Paschall
Loon / Smiley

i would love this core moving forward

we'd also have Olynyk who would be signed for another year that we can trade/flip for another rotation wing.
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Re: DLO trade thread 

Post#203 » by clyde21 » Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:13 pm

DLo/Evans/WCS for Gordon/Bamba.
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Re: DLO trade thread 

Post#204 » by iamworthy » Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:42 am

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