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Re: Old playoffs games on NBA TV

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:51 am
by wco81
NBC Sports Bay Area also aired a lot of playoff games, a different set than the ones NBA TV rotates.

For instance, Game 5 of the WCF, Houston at GSW, 2015. Warriors up 3-1.

Houston had the 3rd best record in the league that year, 56 wins. But Clippers were routing them until Josh Smith shot better than they ever had and they came back and beat the Clippers.

This is the year Harden was runner up to Curry in MVP and he was salty about it.

Warriors started out this slow. Steph had been red hot in the series averaging 32 points soon 56% 3-point shooting. Klay on the other hand was shooting around 30% and had only one good game this series.

Dwight Howard, whom GSW tried to sign in free agency but lost out to Houston, dominated the boards and blocked/altered some shots. Warriors scored only 17 points in the first quarter. Fortunately, GSW had the top defense in opponent FG% that year and Houston was only up 5.

In the second quarter, Klay got going but on a couple of relocation 3s, rather than typical pin downs and other structured plays.

Still the game was in single digits well into the 4th period. This game, Klay got into foul trouble and also got injured when Ariza landed on him. So in the fourth quarter, Barnes came up big, scoring 13 points and 24 for the game.

Harden had at least 12 turnovers, including one pick when trying to cross over Dray.

As the game wound down, Mark Jackson said Kerr and his staff had done an outstanding job, as they were about to go to the Finals for the first time in 40 years.

After the game, Harden congratulated the Warriors players, hugged it out with Steph, whispered something in his ear.

Of course we know the other series against Houston, Harden just walked off after series losses to the Warriors.