2021 Western Conference toughest yet?

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Re: 2021 Western Conference toughest yet? 

Post#21 » by Little Digger » Tue Oct 13, 2020 2:51 am

There’s only 1 athletic prospect that I’m 80%+ sure can contribute in year 1 to a contending team..You know who

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Re: 2021 Western Conference toughest yet? 

Post#22 » by Money_ » Tue Oct 13, 2020 3:46 am

ILOVEIT wrote:
Coxy wrote:We aren't tier 1 until 1) We prove we are healthy again, and 2) Myers makes the right moves this offseason for depth players.

Right now I'd say we are tier 2. Unless Klay comes back the same bad man, I'm not sure we have enough right now to jump into tier 1. Myers has his work cut out for him, again.

Wait....Curry (two time MVP and greatest shooter of all time), Klay (I think assuming health is fair or else forget it all - all-star and top 5 all time shooter), Draymond (he is not past his prime folks...the entire core took a year off last year), Wiggins....form #1 pick AND 20 point a night gifted scorer as number 3/4 option).....

That team is not on par with Lakers and Clippers? I think Warriors top 4 are far better than Lakers top 4 and at least as good as Clipper top 4.

What the Bubble showed me is the league is still behind the Warriors....and depending on what they do with the second pick etc....I think Warriors are top team with Clippers (chemistry broken with no point guard) and Lakers (37 year old LeBron with Ad as FA and Kuzma) as a second level.

Warriors top 4 are better than the Lakers top 4. 1-15 the Lakers have more vets and perhaps versatility, depends on how the Dubs handle their off season.
Lakers top 2 though vs Warriors top 2. Very different players with very different skill sets, but Warriors top 2 rely on shots falling while Lakers top 2 rely on buckets at the rim, with some 3s from lebron. They might be designed for playoff basketball a bit more than the Dubs at those positions. Some length athleticism (wiggins) and defense is the answer to beating that team with some good shot blocking. Couple of key vet signings could make the difference.
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Re: 2021 Western Conference toughest yet? 

Post#23 » by cdubbz » Wed Oct 14, 2020 1:18 am

Little Digger wrote:There’s only 1 athletic prospect that I’m 80%+ sure can contribute in year 1 to a contending team..You know who


I like okoro. He seems like a mellow dude who is a very smart basketball player. Love his defense and that he takes pride in his defense.
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