2021-2022 roster

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Re: 2021-2022 roster 

Post#141 » by Scoots1994 » Fri Jun 4, 2021 2:34 pm

ChuckDurn wrote:Agreed with all of this, and I’d add that I don’t think either Anderson or Bane are at their best when playing SF. Anderson is more effective playing the 4 (and struggles to keep up with most 3’s speed), and Bane doesn’t have the wingspan to do it that well either. This trade has us over-loading on guards and weakening the 3.

If Barnes is there when we pick (at any of 6, 7, or 8), I think we absolutely would consider making a deal. But I don’t think it would look like this one.

There are so many quality players in this draft whether with the pick or with a trade they NEED to get value. A heavy favorable aspect of using the pick is money. The draft is the best way to get real talent on "cheap" deals. The issue of course is time.
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Re: 2021-2022 roster 

Post#142 » by radtech » Fri Jun 4, 2021 11:26 pm

The Dubs lacked veterans to anchor the bench, it lacked shooters in general, a playmaker, a rebounder, and most importantly an enforcer.

First move, trade Wiseman and Paschall to Detroit for Plumlee and Bey. Why Plumlee, playoff tested vet with both Denver and Portland, averaged 9.4 rebounds this past year, averaged 3.6 assists this past year, and is more relief than both Wiseman and Looney. Looney will get injured and miss time again. Bey, a
Fills the void behind Wiggins, a good shooter already who will get tons of open looks.

Second move, The 5.9 million mid level exception, don't know if it can be separate equally or otherwise, but two players that should be added are Patrick Mills and Markieff Morris. Mills a Spurs vet who is a scoring point guard. Morris adds the toughness, some hard fouls, and more playoff experience off the bench.

The Minny first round pick, hopefully in the six to eight range, Moses Moody. A professional shooter already at his age with a seven foot wingspan, should be a protypical three and d player.

The Dubs own pick, 14th, I say trade the pick and acquire Wendell Cater junior from the Magic. Back to Looney being a constant health risk. Cater has played at 270 pounds, his listed weight, should slim down to 250, to improve stamina and his game. Almost averaged a double double in limited minutes.

Bench now has playoff tested vets, shooters, rebounders, a thug, and youth.
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Re: 2021-2022 roster 

Post#143 » by wco81 » Sat Jun 5, 2021 12:44 am

Markieff Morris got the minimum salary and he still wasn't that good.

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