A fantasy team, the 2 prettiest teams merged

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A fantasy team, the 2 prettiest teams merged 

Post#1 » by SinceGatlingWasARookie » Fri Jan 14, 2022 5:05 am

2016 youthful peak Warrior plus the 1982 showtime Lakers.
Take best 2016 peak midseason enthusiastic young Steph, Klay, Draymond, Iguodala merged with the best of their old goat grizzled battle hardenned 2022 selves.

I am leaving Kareem off the team. kareem through a good outlet pass but his skyhook was not what ShowTime Lakers was about.
Use the 2016 Warriors as the base then merge best of Magic with best of Draymond. Wide bodies like Draymond are not as fast as thinner bodies like Magic; but ignore that Draymond gets Magic's speed and everything else Magic had. Then best of Curry plus best of Norm Nixon. Norm Nixon's acceleration is what Curry lacks. The reason I choose 1982 Showtime over Showtime with James Worthy is because I prefer watching Magic and Nixon to Magic and Worthy. Nixon was a classical very good drive and kick point guard before Magic arrived. Magic and Nixon made the fastest fast break. Then Nixon had to learn to play off the ball some to lay with Magic and Nixon was not entirely happy playing off the ball but he would probably be happier if he could shoot like Curry. Then Best of Klay and best of Jamal Wilkes. Then best of Bogut and best of Rambis. What does Rambis add to Bogut? Rambis ran the floor well and was a good trailer on the fast break. Then best of Harrison Barnes and Bob McAdoo. Barnes might step in and shoot mid deep mid range more because McAdoo did. McAdoo was taller and had experience playing center and experience being NBA scoring champ 1st option. Barnes McAdoo can shoot over people that Barnes could not shoot over. I don't think McAdoo tightens up under pressure.Then Livingston Cooper. Coop-a-Loop was the funnest part of showtime.

But i have stolen Magic from the Showtime backcourt and turned him into a power forward so let me add one more duplicate copy of Cooper and Merge him with Iguodala. I will ignore the rest of the 1982 Lakers and just go with Barbosa, Ian Clark, Rush, Ezeli, Speights and Bob McAdoo's nephew James McAdoo as the deep bench.

Maybe I am ridiculous with imaginary teams but the 1982 Lakers 2016 Warriors fussion team would be the prettiest team by far except perhaps for the Globettrotters. Oh what the hell. Add a copy of Meadow Lark lemon to each player. Wilt Chamberlain said many unbelivable things and one of those things that Wilt was that Meadowlark Lemon was the greatest basketball player ever. What do I really know about Meadolark, He was a showman, lovable, funny, had a great smile, had extrodanary contol of the basketball with his hands and had a fairly reliable half court hook shot.
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Re: A fantasy team, the 2 prettiest teams merged 

Post#2 » by floppymoose » Fri Jan 14, 2022 9:25 am

How can Oubre not be on the prettiest team?
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Re: A fantasy team, the 2 prettiest teams merged 

Post#3 » by shazam_guy » Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:32 pm

You're worrying me, Flop.

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