CJ signed for the season

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Post#41 » by magee » Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:27 pm

Everyone's saying CJ Watson can't play D. How many times has he not played with Baron or Monta? He's always guarding the opposing shooting guard. Every time I see Golden State and Watson, I've seen him about six times now, he's usually in there with one of those two. He guards the oposing SG to protect both Baron and Monta. GS usually runs some sort of match-up zone when he's in and teams just post up big guards against him. He's a victim of circumstance. He's a back-up point guard being asked to guard 2's.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it was just those short spurts I've seen him play when flipping around League Pass. But I was at the Blazer game for his first NBA action. He looked better overall than Sergio Rodriguez in that game, even though Rodriguez set up his teammates better. He won't be in Oakland next season. He's earned it. Let him hit his shots.

The problem is a continuing stop-gap for the moment. Kelenna Azubuike turned out to be a nice find, but he was brought in because of injuries. Watson was simply given a chance and he showed enough to warrant signing for the rest of the season.
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Post#42 » by Mylie10 » Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:31 pm

I'd like to see more confidence from CJ going inside.

He shot a ton of FT's in the D-league this year, which means he was takin inside.

90% from the line means take it inside kid!
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Post#43 » by FNQ » Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:16 pm


Not just posted up, attacked. Basically, offenses are doing to him what they did to Buke originally - finding CJ's side and attacking.

It is hard to just walk in to our team and play the kind of defense necessary to be effective. It's 10x harder when you don't really have the physical gifts to make up for it...

The Knicks game was a prime example. We left Buke on one side of the zone, and CJ on the other... no matter where the Knicks drove, NO weakside help came.. I remember one play Biedrins flashed up to stop a penetrating Crawford, kicked it out to QRich (CJ's side)... CJ froze when the drive went by him, then collapsed as the pass was being made, unnecessarily. Buke is guilty of the same thing... difference is, CJ really doesn't have the tools to even be an adequate defender in the league.

Buke could really send a message if he gives up a really hard foul or two. A little "yeah, you can probably score on me, but will it be worth it?" type foul, instead of these excuseme fouls. Can only hope we bring in a vet...

Kosta for AJ? :pray:
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