Rookies and others:Best case & worst case player project

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Rookies and others:Best case & worst case player project 

Post#1 » by darobster17 » Sat Feb 2, 2008 6:56 am

Let's start off with Brandan Wright. Best case scenario would be no doubt Chris Bosh but would realistically would like his game to develop similar to Lamarcus Aldridge. His windmill dunk was pretty impressive and the low post move on the block shows alot of promise. Worst case scenario I guess would be Shareef Abdul Rahim or Joe Smith type

Bellinelli...for the limited time he played I thought he played pretty good. He made some shots, made plays for others and can shoot. My best case scenario would be playmaking type of Ginobli with streaking outside shot. Worst case scenario would have to be Jiri Welsh or Carlos Delfino.

C.J. Watson...I like this kid as our backup Pg and has shown he can make shots and make the right play.

Patrick O'bryant...let's see he looks like a stiff, plays like a worst case scenario is he's Olowakandi 2.0 and the realistic best case scenario is Kaman.
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Post#2 » by FNQ » Sat Feb 2, 2008 7:13 am

Go back to coaching the team old man.
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Post#3 » by old rem » Sat Feb 2, 2008 9:09 am

Wright does not have the hands to be a great slash + finish guy or the mid to deep J to be a pure shooter but he's pretty sophisticated for his age and has the instinct to be in the right p[ace and to do the right thing. I've said Worthy is a good comparison. Wright tends to be efficient and aware. He does not quite have the tools to be the dominant star but is,like a longer Richard Jefferson,a natural complimentary player.

Belinneli has to hit his perimeter J with regularity. He's got enough quickness/handles to have some impact as a slasher. However---for now the deep J is his meal ticket. To compare to Ginobli,he will need to prove he can play a more complete game.

POB. The kid has quite a bit of under-used and wasted talent. He has legit lotto tools and it's sheer folly the way the W's have bothed things so far. For a guy who's been told he's a mistake and unwanted.....and further has yet to get the chance to show his full ability,he does seem pretty capable. There is a SLIM chance the W's are being crafty and he's back next year and actually is allowed to become what we drafted.

I"d be stunned if the W's salvaged what appears to be pure Fubar.

Watson? He cost us zero trade value and zero draft value abd yet seems rather conpetasnt compared to prior #3 PG's here.

Kosta? He's no athletic speed guy,and is not too able to exploit his size. Just the same....his fundamentals ain't bad and he will be a decent NBA backup.......maybe not here.
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Post#4 » by St.Nick » Sat Feb 2, 2008 11:44 am

The Warriors screwed up POB?

Is that sort of like how we screwed up Carlos Rogers and Todd Fuller?
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Post#5 » by zero » Sun Feb 3, 2008 7:11 am

i can see beli being more like manu (minus the flop, hopefully). i'll be pissed if he ends up like jiri. i was REALLY impressed by his passing. i remember mully and nellie diggin that part of his game when they drafted him and i'm beginning to see why. jiri could never pass like that. i think being around webber will really help the youngins a lot. the NOH & CHA games had great ball movement from the everyone. i dug seeing the rooks really passing the ball, running plays, trying to add to the lead and trying to play some defense. if we have more blow out games, which we are capable of, hopefully nellie will feel better about throwing them in sooner - then mixing them into the final rotation. i was really, really pleased with what i saw last night. i'm only seeing positives from the newbees.

BTW i saw this kid in one of the photos on the warriors website. i'm just surprised none of the media people thought hey, let's get a shot of him and BWright.


maybe it was just too obvious. :P

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