2021 Draft Thread

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2021 Draft Thread 

Post#1 » by MrMorrow » Fri Feb 5, 2021 7:24 pm

Which CB will have the better pro career-

Patrick Surtain out of Alabama or
Caleb Farley out of Virginia Tech

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Re: 2021 Draft Thread 

Post#2 » by penquin11 » Wed Apr 7, 2021 2:52 pm

MrMorrow wrote:Which CB will have the better pro career-

Patrick Surtain out of Alabama or
Caleb Farley out of Virginia Tech


LETS GIVE THIS BOARD LIFE. There is no reason we can't get a good collective of Panther fans here as well.

I'm a big believer that if Surtain's 4.46 40 has cemented him as the top corner given that most team's biggest hit on him was that they weren't sure he had elite speed. At 6'2 his 4.46 is miles better than what Richard Sherman posted and both were noted for their press skills, length, and technique (oh how the NFL has changed).

That stated I really want to see the Panthers go OL in the 1st IF POSSIBLE. With us having grabbed Sam Darnold QB is off the board, that leaves us with significant holes at OT-TE-ILB-CB-OG (listed by how desperate each situation is). We basically announced our intention to draft a OT when we picked up Cameron Erving (the worst pff graded OT available) that we would be looking for LT help via the draft, we have 2 real options in the 1st at #8- those being Rashawn Slater (could be better at OG) and Penei Sewell (the highest graded pff OT of all time). IF Sewell is available at 8 I say we throw the house at him. If not then we have a really tough decision between Kyle Pitts, Micah Parsons, Rashawn Slater (just ran a 4.88 40 :O), and Patrick Surtain- or whoever is left among the bunch. I have each listed below in the order I would prioritize drafting them.

1. Kyle Pitts- a 4.44 40 time only cements what anyone and everyone can see on tape- Pitts is an absolute freak and a matchup nightmare. When he was on the field Kyle Trask was a better QB and the Florida Offense in general purred because opposing teams HAD to designate safety help to stop Pitts from absolutely destroying them. The dude is a 6'6 WR who can do all the things a modern TE needs to do. This dude is the closest thing to Gronk we've seen come out of a draft. Can you imagine lining up an offense with Moore-Pitts-CMC(in the slot)-Anderson what the hell would opposing teams do???? This still leaves us with a desperate need at OT- but it's possible that someone like Sam Cosmi from Texas is available in the 2nd.

2. Rashawn Slater- The dude just ran a 4.88 40 while being 6'4 304. He is an especially agile and athletic player who might transition most naturally to guard. Notably Slater was the ONLY player to really stop Chase Young so he isn't on to struggle against speed rushers at the very least (a notable Panther weakness dating back to our 2015 Superbowl run).

3. Micah Parsons- Received the highest ever PFF run defense grade for Penn State and possesses elite pass rushing skills that could land him time as a strong side linebacker. Character concerns make him perhaps comparable to someone like Vontaze Burfict- though he isn't one to be dirty on the field. Dude has a seemingly supernatural instinct for finding the holes in the Oline and bursts through INSTANTLY- something that is reflected in his 4.39 40 time.

4. Patrick Surtain- The only reason this dude is ranked 4th is because of recent struggles in evaluating talent at the CB position. College dominance doesn't necessarily translate to NFL dominance as we've seen with Morris Claiborne and Jeff Okudah in recent years. Chances are there will be an overlooked CB in the 3rd or 4th that will be worth our time.

By the way I also hope we draft Jamar Johnson (S) from Indiana sometime. Dude is a really great player and absolute shut down Ohio State and Justin Fields with his play.
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