Welcome to the Cincinnati Bengals board!!

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Welcome to the Cincinnati Bengals board!! 

Post#1 » by PhilipNelsonFan » Sun Apr 1, 2007 10:11 pm

Fellow RealGMers, welcome to the official team board of the Cincinnati Bengals!

I have been graciously selected as the moderator of this team board and look forward to waxing poetic with you all on the NFL boards. I wanted to take the Bengals board because it was a team that I felt I knew well enough to be as good of a contributing member that I can be. Hopefully, I use this moderating experience to expand my knowledge of the NFL, the Bengals, and football in general. Again, I'm excited to be the Bengals mod and I hope you all share my excitement.

A few quick notes before I finish:

1. This board, like all RealGM basketball boards, is subject to the Terms of Use. This was put in place to ensure quality discussion, and it will be enforced in due course. You can find the Terms of Use here.

2. All opinions on the Bengals will be welcome, regardless of how people feel. That having been said, I will not tolerate trolling on this board or trolling from Bengals fans. If another team board mod approaches me about a Bengals fan trolling other boards, they will be dealt with accordingly.

3. Use the Report function on posts and moderators will deal with those posts. Please refrain from responding to trolling, as that could only get you in trouble.

4. Let's try to create a culture of respect on the Bengals board so that all posters and readers can enjoy the environment that we bring.

Welcome all and go Bengals!!
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