Lets talk about Morey and this ****storm

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Lets talk about Morey and this ****storm 

Post#1 » by red96 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:41 am

I'm actually surprised That this topic didn't have its own thread in here by now, especially mince it May have the most significant impact against the Rockets. What are the home fans thoughts? What do we think will happen to Morey and the Rockets?

I myself hope that nothing happens to Morey, but I do understand he's caused a ****storm, and possibly hurt his boss, and the leagues bottom line. He's also indirectly displayed the league, and some of the players hypocrisy(something im sure none of them appreciate). I'm starting to believe that their isn't anyway the Morey stays GM of the Rockets after this. Just too much bad blood across the league from top to bottom if the Chinese ban doesnt lift. Thoughts?
"Morey decided in 2007 that Steve Francis was to be the "franchise player" of the Rockets only to play what... 5 games? Morey didn't think Marc Gasol was worth a look that year,"
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Re: Lets talk about Morey and this ****storm 

Post#2 » by BallerTalk » Thu Oct 10, 2019 4:12 am

If Morey loses his position for simply tweeting "Stand for Freedom" it will cause a swell of repercussions far worse than the current situation.

The current "****storm" is largely just the latest example of China exerting its economic clout as a bullying platform.
The difference being, this time it is entangled with an immensely popular sports league that reaches a far wider swath of the population, most of whom won't be quite as understanding of anything that can be viewed as capitulation to China's overreaction.
Evolution is a process.

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Re: Lets talk about Morey and this ****storm 

Post#3 » by Yao4REAL » Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:34 pm

These dumb ass Western people need to understand why the NBA choose to be silent. You notice they speak up on issues that are domestic related or in the UNITED STATES. But China ain't the United States. China has its own laws and orders. You can't use your own **** like "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and apply everywhere like it's nobody business. Westerners apparently think they're the CENTER of the world....that they're superior, that their opinions always right. So when somebody tell them they're wrong. They'll be like, that can't be right...nobody can tell us we're wrong. How can they say freedom of speech is wrong? Well, it is wrong if it doesn't serve in your backyard, but in another land. Now, today China is powerful and able to exert and influence them through the power of financial...other wise, these **** will not stop believing that they're right. They will even try to bomb them or invade them back in the old days like they did with HK. You see, the problem with the Westerners is that they like to stick their noses into somebody's jar instead of their own. If they mind their own business, none of this **** would have happened. Also, they're bunch of hypocrites. They would say things like ohh they're now using financial to influence us, we need to be careful doing business with them. But these **** are using the same influential tactics inside their own country even worst, from media influence from what you should say or not say if you work for a certain network or parties. Financially, they support only certain parties that favor them and reject those that don't and also this extend all the way outside the US, they will do the SAME THING to shut up governments that don't support them and pay those that DO support them. And if China are doing the same thing like lending money to Africa...they'll be like oh no no no, they're being influenced. And about the Huawei 5G, they would cite security issues but at the same time, they're doing the same **** all over the world spying in every government as reveal by Edward Snowden. If you don't see hypocrisy in the Westerners, you're completely illogical.

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