How has Bruno been on the Rockets

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How has Bruno been on the Rockets 

Post#1 » by gbball » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:27 pm

Real question.

I see he hasn't gotten much PT under D'antoni,

Is that because there are other guys he trusts more? Does he still make too many boneheaded mistakes?

I'm a Raptors fan and I've been excited about his development since we drafted him. It seems like just needs the right situation and coach to become an impact player. His mobility, height, length, and skill make him such an intriguing player. Still fairly young too. He can also create his own shot and made a ton of clutch plays for the Raptors 905 and also last year with the Grizzlies down the stretch.

I'm hoping the Raptors bring him back next year to fill out our big man rotation with one or both of Ibaka/Gasol likely moving on.

It seems like he was starting to break out last year on the Grizzlies before getting buried in the rotation after their coaching change this year. And now it seems he's only getting garbage time minutes for the Rockets when it seems like he could help them with defense and open 3's.

So for those of you who watch all the games, do you know why? He's made some knucklehead decisions in the past, so maturity and commitment have been a question.


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