Instant Reset for Houston, w/ DAL, LAC

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Instant Reset for Houston, w/ DAL, LAC 

Post#1 » by ecuhus1981 » Mon Sep 20, 2021 5:27 am

Hey guys, I have concocted another trade proposal! Please share your feedback, thanks in advance:

DAL trades Powell/Stein/Burke for Gordon/Ibaka/House
Dallas absorbs salary to nab a 3-level scoring guard, a feisty 3&D wing and a stretch big.
Doncic, Gordon, Hardaway, Smith, Porzingis
Brunson, Bullock, House, Kleber, Ibaka

HOU trades Wall/Gordon/House for Morris/Kennard/Powell
Houston trims $27mil in current cap while returning 2 useful rotation players.
Porter, Green, Morris, Theis, Wood
Kennard, Nwaba, Tate, Garuba, Seng√ľn

LAC trades Morris/Kennard/Ibaka for Wall/Stein/Burke
Los Angeles takes on 2-year salary to shed longterm payroll, while adding an elite distributor and deep bench vets.
Wall, Mann, George, Batum, Zubac
Bledsoe, Jackson, Johnson, Winslow, Stein
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Re: Instant Reset for Houston, w/ DAL, LAC 

Post#2 » by BallerTalk » Fri Sep 24, 2021 7:51 pm

Doesn't make a lot of sense for Houston financially.
They would be trading humongous relatively short term (two years) salary for slightly smaller but longer term salary. This trade would have them still be paying Kennard and Morris nearly $30 Million at a time when Wall and Gordon would be completely off the books.

Plus I'm not sure Houston's current rebuild would be a situation Morris would find ideal.
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