DeMeco Ryans Lawsuit Against Texans/NFL

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DeMeco Ryans Lawsuit Against Texans/NFL 

Post#1 » by RaoulDuke79 » Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:20 pm

Interesting, just saw this a moment ago:

Former linebacker DeMeco Ryans filed a lawsuit against the NFL and Houston Texans, seeking more than $10 million in damages because an Achilles tendon injury he suffered due to the playing surface at NRG Stadium in 2014 effectively ended his NFL career.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in Harris County (Texas) District Court, also names Harris County Convention Sports Corp., SMG, which manages NRG Stadium, and StrathAyr Turf Systems as defendants.

The lawsuit states that because of the playing surface at NRG Stadium on Nov. 2, 2014, Ryans suffered a torn Achilles tendon that "prematurely ended his noteworthy NFL career" as without the injury he would have "in reasonable probability, remained in the league for another five years."

I'm glad they finally replaced the field so things like this(and Clowney/Welker/Hartmann etc.) don't continue to happen.

On a side note, damn I miss DeMeco! If only we could wind the clock back to 2006 and have him starting for us again.
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Re: DeMeco Ryans Lawsuit Against Texans/NFL 

Post#2 » by Mr. E » Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:27 am

I miss DeMeco as well. He was the heart & soul of the defense before JJ got here.

And that turf was a damned menace.
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