Vikings vs Saints 9-14 Saints (1-0)

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Vikings vs Saints 9-14 Saints (1-0) 

Post#1 » by TMIMITW » Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:03 pm

I know that many dont post on here but I wanted to give my thoughts anyway.

One of the best things that I saw in this game was that there was no real time that the Vikings had our number. The Saints beat them selves in a lot of missed catches and botched field goals.

Marvin Mitchell 50, looked lost and confused. He needs to this game and see what he needs to do, he was horrible.

We should have ran more in the first half, better success rate and time management

Our timining is a little off, Drew Brees overthrew henderson and we missed a few great passes, but we all know that timing comes as everyone gets up to game speed

DEFENSE!!!!! Everyone wants to believe that the Saints defense last year was lucky, but I feel that the held it down. The blocked field goal was beautiful as well. Out side of the touchdown they held up well even with the momemtum going against them.

To a team like that, on opening day and with all the distractions, the SAINTS did well. WE have 10 days to rest and get ready for SanFran

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Re: Vikings vs Saints 9-14 Saints (1-0) 

Post#2 » by kellmellus50 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:43 pm

dead board where are the fans ?
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