Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year

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Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year 

Post#1 » by boomershadow » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:30 am

"I want to start establishing myself as a leader in this league and on this team," he said. "I know I'm quite young compared to a lot of guys on this team, but the best time is to start young."

"I feel like we're definitely going to be overlooked this year," he said of the Pacers. "A lot of people look at us as young team that's going to rebuild, but we're a young team that's trying to compete. We've got a lot of guys who can come in and make an impact right away. I expect to make the playoffs this year."

I don't feel like he's being unrealistic, but it has been mentioned here that optimism runs high in the summer. How likely do you think a playoff berth is?
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Re: Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year 

Post#2 » by Pacers_Freak » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:51 pm

I think its realistic but an outside chance. Myles is a competitor so I would expect him to say this. It's refreshing for the best player on the team to not be whining about how he needs more help. It's going to be refreshing after a loss to hear some guys take the blame. Not blaming the refs, teammates, fans, etc.
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Re: Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year 

Post#3 » by Bobalob » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:53 pm

Its the East. If the Nets made the playoffs i wouldn't bat an eye
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Re: Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year 

Post#4 » by tocooks101 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:40 pm

I don't think its unrealistic for any team to say they think they can make the playoffs before the season starts.
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Re: Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year 

Post#5 » by pacers33granger » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:15 pm

We definitely could make it. The Bulls and Hawks are very likely to drop out this year. The rest should be in again, so with our spot from last year it's basically three spots up for grabs and should be between us, Miami, Charlotte, and Detroit. I suppose another team like Brooklyn or Philly could surprise.

We lost our best player and 2 other starters, but we should have some good development from a few young guys, our bench is much better this year, and I expect a much more team oriented approach. Plus you can't discount Lance's energy contributions which changed the dynamic of the team last year.

Either way I love Myles' demeanor and mindset.
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Re: Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year 

Post#6 » by Miller4ever » Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:05 am

I like him saying that and I think there's an 80% chance he's wrong.

It's not out of the question. After the top 3 or 4 teams it's a pretty wide open (and terrible) conference.
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Re: Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year 

Post#7 » by basketballwacko2 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:55 am

There is not a big chance of this team making the playoffs. They have a lot of new players and it's gonna take a while to figure out how to play together and who is gonna start and contribute what.
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Re: Myles Turner expects to make the playoffs this year 

Post#8 » by Pacersike » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:29 pm

Hell yeah.

The East sucks, regular season Paul George was far from being the great player he can be.
His whining and complaining brought the spirit of the team down. He was a bad leader, plain and simple.

The Bulls traded their star player for youngsters. The Hawks didn't get anything in return for their star player, they just lost him.

Players like Olynyk and way over the hill Howard aren't exactly the type of players that will catapult teams into the playoffs.
The Pistons made a good addition in Bradley, but if you have build your team around Reggie Jackson and Drummond, you will always have difficulties to make the playoffs.

Nets, Knicks, Magic, give me a break.

Sixers are a much much talented team, but they lack experience and who knows how many games Embiid/Simmons will play this time.

To doubt that the Pacers can win a playoffs series with this team, ok, but they have done everything they could to avoid tanking/lottery and try to make the playoffs with experienced, limited but willing players to try to make the playoffs.

Maybe everyone is hoping the Pacers will suck and get a high draft pick next year, but the truth is they will be in the playoff picture again for most of the year, miss the greatest prospects and stay mediocre until all the mediocre pieces fall together and surprise everyone as a team, like the Hibbert, Vogel, PG team.

I'm optimistic that Myles Turner can be a better leader than other cry babies from the past though. Both PG led Pacers teams barely made the playoffs and even though Bird could have done a better job providing help for PG, we can not exclude that PG might have been part of the problem why those teams were underachieving as opposed to the David West led Pacers teams who were overachieving.

Optimistic leadership is highly important and as far as I'm concerned, Myles Turner fills in both much better than PG ever did as the leader the previous 2 seasons. How many times Paul has said he missed David West, how he valued Monta Ellis because he is a lockerroom voice, how he falls apart when the spotlights are on him (Europe Tour, 3 point shooting contest, his 0-15 record on go-ahead shots in the final 20 seconds, his whining, his refusal to bang with bigger players.

Paul George is getting way too much credit in this thread if you think the Pacers have just a little chance to make the playoffs.
Pacers have a good chance to make the playoffs. Could be just out or just in. No way I value Paul George that high.

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