Is Warren a top 10 current SF?

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Is Warren a top 10 current SF? 

Post#1 » by Topofthekey » Tue Mar 3, 2020 8:39 pm

Lebron, Kawhi, KD
Butler, Ingram, PG
Middleton, Covington

Those are the only names I can immediately think of off the top of my head, of players who would rank ahead of him

Maybe Tobias Harris or Gordon Hayward as well, but if contracts are taken into consideration, then I have Warren way ahead of them

I think he has quietly become a top 10-ish current SF

So when I process it a bit in my mind, the current starting lineup of the Pacers is basically a top 10-ish SF, a dpoy candidate at C, a fringe all star at PG, and two all stars at the other two remaining positions

It really sounds like this team should be doing much better
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Re: Is Warren a top 10 current SF? 

Post#2 » by pacers33granger » Tue Mar 3, 2020 8:47 pm

If you consider Tatum a SF (which he should be considered), then he's definitely above TJ. Harris has been better in the past, but TJ has been better this year I think. TJ's certainly better than Hayward imo. KD is obviously above him when healthy. Derozan isn't a flashy name anymore, but plays there and is still good. Bogie plays PF I think for Utah is really a SF.

So he's right there, but on the outside looking in it seems. He's been a very pleasant surprise and probably our best acquisition realistically.

But ultimately to your point about the team should be doing much better, probably. Though one of those all stars has played a handful of games and is very rusty, we've had a litany of other injury issues, and nearly everyone is new. You can also rationalize most teams. Denver has an MVP candidate at center, a young near all star at PG, a great vet who is a former all star at PF, a solid 2 way SG, etc.

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