Social injustice

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Social injustice 

Post#1 » by Pacersike » Thu Aug 27, 2020 11:24 am

To be honest, I'm a bit relieved the Pacers season ended before they had the opportunity to strike.

As a person who admires all NBA athletes and tries to correct as much as I can people showing disrespect, I don't need to be a victim again of a minority showing disrespect. For example I wrecked my car on an incredible high speed bump, designed to slow down a minority of racers.

This shouldn't be a story of black versus. All lives matter. How many of us look the other way when animals have to spend their entire life locked up for our appetite? To me, it's modern slavery the way we treat our animals.

It's up to me and you and you and you, to correct every person showing disrespect to blacks, to animals, to traffic rules, to others, to themselves. It's the best way to make changes, if everyone contributes and respectfully confronts everyone.

It's up to us, to convince the good cops to be leading the force and it is up to the family and friends of everyone to prevent drugs (and preferably also alcohol) use of their beloved ones. If you respect everyone, including yourself, the chances you will ever get shot are close to nothing. Let's focus on the positive and not on the negative.

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