Pacers withdraw QO from Stanley

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Re: Pacers withdraw QO from Stanley 

Post#21 » by Scoot McGroot » Sun Aug 22, 2021 1:35 pm

Wizop wrote:Star is still writing about Sykes getting two way where the open spot is Martin's regular contract.

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Yeah, J. Kind of amended his tweets to recognize that Jarreau is getting that 2 way spot, but that there might be a competition for spots there at the end. Sounds like it all comes down to what happens with Lamb, Kelan, and the 2 2way spots. Technically, it sounds like Brimah is waived (though it’s possible we still see him at camp on an exhibit 10), and Washington/Jarreau are on the 2 ways to start. They could always be waived though, and a Keifer Sykes or Cassius Stanley could take back the spots, I guess?

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