Game 31 vs Detroit 7pm

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Re: Game 31 vs Detroit 7pm 

Post#21 » by Topofthekey » Sun Dec 19, 2021 5:51 am

Pacers Forever wrote:
Tom White wrote:I understand this was vs. possibly the worst team in the league, but just catching highlights and stats is it possible that LeVert plays much better when he is not matched with Brogdon? Putting him more in control on the floor? Again, this was vs. a really bad team, but it looked like everyone moved better and was more involved last night?

Great question possibly pointing out who does fit with Brogdon running point.

We skip over the fact that the Bucks parted with Brogdon and his great stats for a reason. Was it because Brogdon’s skill set was more suited to shooting guard than point guard? Was it because they saw that there was a lack of chemistry? Was it because of the salary he was going to eat up? Was it because the Pacers overpaid? Or was it to build a better team around Giannis and Middleton? Freeing up the space led to the acquisition of Jru Holiday which made a 3 star lineup that worked much better than the 3 star lineup that included Brogdon and brought them a championship.

So while I don’t think that LeVert is the answer going forward I do think you’re on to something here Tom.

LeVert is a scoring threat best suited as scoring guard who can get his own shot. Sometimes very good shots and sometimes forced into tough shots due to his dribbling moves trying to get open. He’s not a 3 point threat like say McDermott. I think ultimately he’d fit better with a different team and look great being a 3rd option. I don’t like his fit with Brogdon. I think LeVert fits best with Turner.

Currently (unable to trade) Brogdon imho is not a good fit with this team structure. I think he’s a talented scorer. I think he’s a shooting guard. Ok rebounder and at times can defend. I think he’ll be good for a different team.

I look at Sabonis and I see such talent rebounding, passing, and put back rim scoring. Defense is lacking. To build a team around him you need active cutters like McConnell, Brissett, Sumner, and McDermott. You also need a solid big defender who can help underneath. Brogdon can fit with him but as a shooting guard not a point guard facilitating.

I look at Turner and I see a rim protector, improved rebounder, raw offensive moves other than a 3 set shot. Awkward at times due to his build. Could you have a cutting style offense with him NO. Brogdon fits better with him because he doesn’t have to include Turner in offense rather can let Turner crash the board after his shots or drives.

Duarte great draft pick but at the unfortunate cost of roster duplication currently which hopefully the Pacers will move other shooting guards to alleviate the logjam and payroll. Pure shot when open, sweet fade away motion that’ll be money once he develops more strength and stamina, so talented and so raw, hustles, can see a killer mentality, he sees steal opportunities, rebounds by instinct. I think he fits best with Sabonis.

Warren is the huge unknown but if healthy I see the team retaining him on a team friendly contract to pair with either Sabonis or Turner rebuild. I think they value his potential development into a star if healthy.

Going forward I see Brissett, Martin, McConnell, and Jackson staying and my hope is that they can get Doug McDermott and Sumner back as roll players if Pacers build around Sabonis. I think Justin Holiday could stay or go. Goodbye Goga experiment, Lamb, Brogdon, LeVert, Wanamaker, and Craig.

To say Turner and Sabonis are not the problem here is partly correct due to roster construction duplication and injuries. To keep both, trade one, or trade both can work but of the three options I prefer to build around Sabonis. Personally, I just like that cutting and movement offense with Domas. I think Myles is such a talented player and hate to lose him such is life.

I think Brogdon is playing in the wrong era

He'd probably be really good in the 90's

Mark Jackson posted up a lot. PGs hardly do that anymore nowadays. I think Brogdon would thrive in that era, utilizing his size and strength

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