2010 Giants Scouting Report

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2010 Giants Scouting Report 

Post#1 » by Nexx » Wed Aug 4, 2010 5:23 pm

I'm not as avid a football fan as I would like to be, dropped off a bit after '02, but I'm a Giants fan. I know the basics and that our secondary was garbage last year and we've tried to make some adjustments, but I also understand that we're not supposed to be very good this year. Can someone give a scouting report on the Giants strengths and weaknesses going into this season? ... ork-giants

I read some interesting articles as seen above but I'm interested in the fans' perception.
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Re: 2010 Giants Scouting Report 

Post#2 » by hobojoe2131 » Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:51 pm

strengths: everything besides whats listed below

weaknesses: punting game possibly, MLB possibly. Dodge and Bullock are unknown quantities.

Everything else is aces. Even Lawrence Tynes has been fantastic this summer.
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Re: 2010 Giants Scouting Report 

Post#3 » by cgf » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:28 am

QB - We're set here. Eli's not just one of the best late game QBs, but he's also one of the toughest and showed last year that he can run a prolific offense and carry the team even when his feet are so injured he can't step into his throws for weeks. Since he never misses games Sorgi who's a solid game manager and Bomar whom we've been grooming are more than enough depth.

RB - Ahmad Bradshaw is a stud, he's tough to bring down has become a good blocker and receiver. A really dynamic little guy who'll make things happen as long as he's healthy. Brandon Jacobs is our starter because he wears teams down, he's bound to get banged up again and is a dumb dumb in the passing game but he gives our running game a physicality that sets the tone for our clock controlling offense. The third guy here is Aaron Brown a very talented big strong runner out of NC State who missed all of last year but looks like a faster Derrick Ward with his great hands and balance. We're fine at RB as long as the injures don't pile up again.

FB - Hedgecock
He's the Bushpenis, a battering ram who'll blow defenders up even if he's not much of a receiver or runner.

LT - William Beatty
Beatty is a guy I loved coming out of Uconn. He was tall, had long arms, quick feet and most importantly for me showed he was a very good run blocker and tough guy even though he was majorly lacking in bulk. He's been bulking up has looked good when he's come in and should hopefully take this spot from Diehl who's a great run blocker but just isn't quick enough in space to handle speed rushers.

LG - David Diehl
Diehl could be playing LG or RT depending on how much the team values Petrus' great camp. Diehl is an all-pro caliber guard who's a great run blocker, does well as a pass blocker and can pull with the best of em.

C - Shaun O'Hara
Was injured last year and looked washed up, he's healthy now and if that holds up he could have a nice bounceback year. Either way I think getting his replacement should be one of our top priorities next offseason.

RG - Chris Snee
Monster, he's a probowler for a reason, he's a mauler who can move and is very smart, has regularly been our best lineman.

RT - ??
Kareem McKenzie might hold this spot, Whimper might take it or Diehl might shift over here. I think if McKenzie's back isn't too much of a problem he'll start the season here, although if he's struggling and we like our depth at LG I wouldn't be surprised if he's yanked from the lineup. Whimper has played well at RT when he's come in but IMO he's a backup swing tackle, a guy who shouldn't start but can fill in at both tackle spots and do a good job for a couple games.

TE - Kevin Boss
The Bossman has become a wonderful blocker and is a tough and consistent receiver, he's not a great athlete so he's limited in what we can do with him, but he's a good guy who does what we need. Beckum and Bear Pascoe are the depth and if the team doesn't get creative with the H-back role for Beckum he may end up useless.

WR - Quite possible our deepest position going forward. Hakeem Nicks is a stud, he's great at going up for the ball with his massive hands and body control, he's also a strong and tough guy who's deadly running after the catch. Steve Smith is beast in his own right, a great route runner with awesome hands and good speed Smith is consistently effective as they come, he won't dominate but he'll let you pick up regular yardage against single coverage from all but the best corners. Behind those two we have Mario Manningham who's (Please Use More Appropriate Word) and inconsistent but amazingly quick and explosive. He's too dumb to ever truly maximize his potential but as the third weapon he's a sweet big play guy. Next is a favorite of mine, Ramses Barden. The kid has a great head on his shoulders and has the potential to be everything Plax was on the field. Finally we have Victor Cruz who's been the revelation of Camp and the preseason so far. He's got good size and has shown some great body control and ball skills he reminds me a lot of Hakeem Nicks, although we've got to wait to see if he can keep looking that impressive when the games matter.

On D our DL has a lot of talent. Tuck being one of the leagues best lineman when healthy, Osi having used to be one of the league's best, JPP having monster potential and a great motor and Kiwi having finally bulked up enough to turn those hurries into sacks. If we stay healthy our DE rotation is nasty especially with occasional appearances from Sintim and Tollefson.

DT though is my second biggest concern after Center. Canty needs to stay healthy all year. He is a force when healthy, but he was banged up all year last year. Jay Alford is an explosive penetrator who's coming off of a torn ACL which makes you wonder just how effective he can be this year. Bernard was injured all of last year and looked washed up, hopefuly he shows that was a fluke but I'm very iffy on him. Barry Cofield is a solid rotational NT, although he's just another guy really. Linval Joseph is our big second round pick who's got Haynesworth type potential but is raw and could take quite some time to break out. He's another project with a great motor so I think he'll become a force eventually, but it never hurts to have enough lineman.

LB - Clint Sintim (SAM), Jonathon Goff (MIKE) and Michael Boley (WILL)
This could be our best LB corps since Barrow and Armstead as Boley looked phenomenal when healthy last year. Clint Sintim is a monster run stuffer who's a very dangerous blitzer and has looked good in zones. He can't cover in man for ****, but I doubt we expect much of that from him. Finally Jonathon Goff, I'm a big fan because he's smart, he thinks fast, he's tough and physical. He's a sledge hammer who'll shut down the run, set up the defense and does a good job in coverage. I think Bulluck will take a number of his snaps on passing downs, but Goff's looking at a big year if the DTs don't get destroyed.

DBs - Corey Webster, Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips, Terrell Thomas and Aaron Ross
This is the most talented secondary the giants have had this decade. The question is will Fewell play them in press man to play to their strengths or will he make them look worse than they are like Sheridan did last year. C-webb is one of the best corners in the league at just following a man and blanketing him, he struggles in zone and against the trees like V-jax, but Web is a great cover corner. Antrel Rolle is a perfect fit for the FS role Byrd played for Buffalo last year where his play making gets highlight and while he makes mistakes as a tackler he's a massive playmaker. If Kenny's able to stay healthy and the knee doesn't ruin his career we have the best safety tandem in the league as Kenny's got massive range, is a playmaker himself and a strong physical run stuffer. If he's not able to go at least we have some depth as Grant is solid, which is better than anything we had last year after Kenny went down with the knee. Terrell Thomas is one of the more promising young corners in the league as he's a play maker, versatile and physical against the run.

This is a very talented team that can win the superbowl if they have good luck with health, the DTs hold up and the OL bounces back. The main thing though is how well does the new DC Perry Fewell use all of that defensive talent.
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