Andy Reid is officially gone

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Andy Reid is officially gone 

Post#1 » by 83SixersRocked » Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:11 pm

The guy turned the Eagles from a laughing stock into a contender for a lot of years. The magic has worn off, and today Lurie had to do the inevitable and let him go. I thought he handled it with a lot of class, and wish Andy well. If you're old enough to remember the Eagles before Reid, it wasn't a pretty picture other than a few good years with Dick Vermeil.

I remember when Lurie first bought the team and was getting killed almost daily in the press. He hired Andy Reid (who?) and even after drafting McNabb there was no escape. Then a funny thing happened. The Eagles started winning. The last few years aside, he re-established the Eagles as a winning franchise.

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