The Board Man Cometh!! Kawhi Leonard Signs 3 Year (2+1), $103 Million Deal

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Haynes Doesn't Think Kawhi was Coming Back to Toronto 

Post#1721 » by Ranma » Tue Sep 24, 2019 7:29 am

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Re: Yet Another Example of Lakers Fans' Natural Troll State 

Post#1722 » by illastrate » Tue Sep 24, 2019 7:49 am

Cupcake17 wrote:
MartinToVaught wrote:
mickie wrote:
i'm a Raptors fan and i thought i've seen the most dillusional fans ever in Raptorland but you my friend are beyond that. :crazy:

Welcome to what we have to deal with all the time. Laker fans are insane.

I will be back to collect my receipts in a few days. I tried to tell you all. Instead, I get insulted and am told I am insane.

About those receipts...
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Re: Doc Provides Backstory on Pursuit of Kawhi 

Post#1723 » by NippySudz » Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:16 am

Ranma wrote:
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I really hate how the media plays amnesia. Ramona shelburne said on an episode of the jump and also in an article she wrote thatKawhi called Kevin Durant Citing:

Then Durant got a call from Kawhi Leonard, asking if he'd consider teaming up with him and signing with the LA Clippers. They'd be great complements to each other, Leonard told Durant. He'd always admired him and had tremendous respect for him as a competitor.

Durant was flattered and more than a little stunned, according to sources close to the situation. He didn't know Leonard that well, so getting a recruiting call like that made a real impression.

Now they're pretending like There was no rumblings of Kawhi trying to lure players to LAC and that the clippers just got them both, fair and square. Cut the BS.

It's so weird what stories the media run with. Woj refuted Markazi report on his podcast and it got no traction on ESPN and he's pretty much been the go-to guy for clippers.

I'm not angry at kawhi colluding with paul george. The whole league was tampering this summer. I'm just annoyed with how the media likes to have selective memory and run narratives that insult the readers/consumers.

Like the nets GM saying that KD showed up and signed a contract without ever having a meeting or sitdown, No negotiation. Nothing. Again, stop the BS.

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