Landry Shamet's Regression

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Re: Landry Shamet's Regression 

Post#21 » by TheNewEra » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:08 pm

Looking forward to seeing what happens with Sham and all the young guys
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Re: Landry Shamet's Regression 

Post#22 » by madmaxmedia » Tue Oct 27, 2020 7:31 pm

TucsonClip wrote:
esqtvd wrote:
True. But if Shamet's not hitting his shots, he doesn't really bring much else. He played a little PG in college but that's a long way from playing it at the NBA level--and it appears that experiment failed.

Hey, he still hit 37% from distance--he wasn't a total washout, it's just that with his middling defense and inability to slash or get his own shot, like JJ he needs to be way over 40% on the 3-ball to get court time.

Agreed, which is why he is still in prove it mode.

However, weve seen enough glimpses from him to know he can shoot sprinting off screens, has proven to be a good shooter spotting up, and his gravity and motion help unlock our offense when it bogs down into ISO ball. So lets make things easy for him. Build up his confidence and ask him to work on mastering a specific skill set before we begin to expand his role in other areas. Oh, and that means working his butt off to get better as a defender too.

Being that he can (and I think is willing) to improve on defense, doing that now and then maybe increasing ball-handling responsibilities later is the right timeline for him. A young NBA player can only try to do so much new stuff each year before they lose the ability to react and just play.

I think his shooting stroke is undeniable and that's what will cement his NBA game. The rest will come over time, the question is whether his timeline overlaps with ours sufficiently. The only reason I would ever trade him is if it helps land us a significant backcourt player- it can't just be a lateral move because Landry will be easy on the payroll for the next couple of seasons.

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