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Post#1 » by clipperlover » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:42 pm

Don't know if anyone has been following what happened in the NHL, but they fired an official because he was caught on a hot mic talking about wanting a "make-up" call. Unfortunately, the NHL is scapegoating the guy because he got caught. As basketball fans, we see this this happen all the time. The difference for this guy is he got caught

Rather than address the underlying issues, the NHL is probably hoping this goes away with this firing, but i don't think so. I think the issue spans all sports. An official blows a call and later either "makes-up" for the call or another official does the "make-up" call.

One suggestion is miking up the officials for the fans to hear. I have been hoping the NFL would open all communication between the officials on the field and the "suits" back in the replay facility to the fans. In that scenario, you can identify any undue influence the hidden replay official may have.

I wouldn't stop at the officials, mike up the players also and let fans listen got the and listen to a specific player throughout the game. Of course, the players union probably wouldn't go for that because the players could really cast themselves in a bad light.
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Re: Officiating 

Post#2 » by esqtvd » Thu Mar 25, 2021 4:07 am

I like "make-up calls," esp in hockey and basketball. The human element seeking justice. A make-up all doesn't accuse the innocent, that's not how it works: A foul happens on EVERY PLAY--it's just a question of what you call or let go.

It's not the same as safe-or-out on a grounder to first base. I can sort of get behind the NFL but even they got rid of pass interference appeals. There's got to be a limit to the whining and second-guessing.

I like the human element of referees--keep the damn game rolling, dammit. He blew the call fine, he blew the call. Get over it. Now they're talking about robots calling balls and strikes? **** that too.

As for the NBA--I could live without these reviews. Whose hand did it go off last? Did he really touch him? **** it. Play ball. I tuned in to watch a damn game not Law & Order!
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Re: Officiating 

Post#3 » by MartinToVaught » Thu Mar 25, 2021 4:17 am

First Donaghy, now Peel... maybe sports leagues should stop hiring referees named Tim!

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