Buy-Out Market: Do we need to improve the roster? Can we?

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Re: Buy-Out Market: Do we need to improve the roster? Can we? 

Post#41 » by madmaxmedia » Wed Mar 31, 2021 4:35 pm

SK21209 wrote:
esqtvd wrote:
Roscoe Sheed wrote:I would like him as well, but I doubt the Lakers waive him- they would probably like to keep him for insurance and to prevent him from helping other teams.

I read somewhere Ibaka resented being Gasol's backup last year, so this is probably a non-starter anyway.

    "[Ibaka] understood that it might mean having to settle for a one-year deal as the club was doing everything in their power to avoid taking on commitments that would interfere with their cap space in 2021," Grange reported Wednesday. "But the Raptors’ first offer – about $12 million for the 2020-21 season – was below what he was expecting and while Toronto came up to $14 million, they were still trying to keep some powder dry to pursue Gasol. That didn’t go over well with Ibaka who, according to multiple sources, resented having to play behind the Spanish international and wasn’t going to sign on for a shared role again. Ibaka quickly pivoted to the Los Angeles Clippers and their two-year deal for $19 million."

I wonder what would have happened if we got Drummond. It would have put a lot of noses out of joint.

Well that definitely throws some cold water on the “start Zu for the rest of the season” idea.

I think we just have to play whatever rotation is best for the team.Next year is a player option for Serge, but if it turns out Zu should be the starter then I guess it's not nearly as important if Serge decides to opt out. At some point this year or next he's gone have to realize his age and how he can maximize his play in lesser minutes.
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Re: Buy-Out Market: Do we need to improve the roster? Can we? 

Post#42 » by KL2 » Thu Apr 1, 2021 12:21 am

I know money is limited but you can’t tell me there’s not another 10 day contract they could use while we have all these injuries.

George, Bev, Rondo, and Ibaka are all out tomorrow. Morris is questionable.

8 guys against Denver isn’t going to cut it.
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Re: Buy-Out Market: Do we need to improve the roster? Can we? 

Post#43 » by Vae Victus » Thu Apr 1, 2021 10:03 pm

I'd have tossed a 10day contract to Lin after GLeague bubble was over to see if he still has mojo, after his strong Gleague showing. It looks like he still has some left in the tank. If he fails, cut him after 10days, then proceed to make a move for a vet PG like Rondo.

Trading for a player still in street clothes AND on 2 year deal still makes me scratch my head.

Ideally you wait for someone like Kyle Lowry or Otto Porter Jr to get bought out and go after em, but realistically shoulda been more pro-active on the 10day contract market and see if you can grab someone who can catch lightning.

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