Game 49 - Clippers v. Orlando 7 p.m. Prime Ticket

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Re: Game 49 - Clippers v. Orlando 7 p.m. Prime Ticket 

Post#81 » by madmaxmedia » Thu Apr 1, 2021 4:28 pm

Clemenza wrote:It was a choke but not a signature choke. The team was beyond gassed and we needed more players to suit up this game off a back to back but instead more players sat out. Bad shooting and bad shot selection in the 2nd half from everyone last night. 5 games in 7 days.. all will be forgiven if we get the win against Denver tomorrow. Bron, KD, and AD are the only dudes not playing right now but they're injured. The best players on every other contending team is playing right now. Wtf is going on with us and these injuries? I say forget about Pat Bev and just role with what we have now. I made a remark on another Clipper board how our next alternate jersey should look like street clothes. We should've won that game though. I do think the role players did just enough for Kawhi to 'bring us home' in the end. Didn't happen, oh well

I think that sums up the game perfectly.
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Re: Game 49 - Clippers v. Orlando 7 p.m. Prime Ticket 

Post#82 » by RingColluder » Thu Apr 1, 2021 8:43 pm

NickP wrote:
RingColluder wrote:
NickP wrote:
These garbage PG takes are getting old.

Given the messages in PM's I have been receiving regarding your posting history I'll just pass on responding :lol: :lol:

Um yeah! I am sure you're flooded with messages about my posting history.

3 posters? I'd say that's a lot for this board.

you got to take it up with them not me, but I've seen your posts and would have to agree respectfully :)

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