Clippers 3-Point Shooting discussion thread

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Clippers 3-Point Shooting discussion thread 

Post#1 » by 50CalClips » Wed Mar 31, 2021 2:37 am

I've been gone a while (missed The Bubble and the Doc Firing)... life happens, priorities change... I'm back.

About the Clippers 3-Point Shooting...
Historic 3-FG%, but only 17th in 3-Pt Attempts.

I want to hear other people's thoughts on this.
I'm on record:

50CalClips wrote:Glen runs a loose Clippers ship...
The team's 3-shooting is under-utilized/not exploited... Kawhi and George could've been such a dynamic pairing (in regards to the 3)... both can penetrate and draw double-teams, both are good-to-great 3FG% shooters, and both are capable passers... when Kawhi is working and drawin doubles/triples, George is ready for the 3. That relationship should be a whole lot more symbiotic than it is.

... WTF do Coaches do if not get players ready, primed to optimize their individual and collective skills?
Coaching is preparation. The more and more I see from this team the more it seems that Glen aint about that life.

50CalClips wrote:Ya got Kawhi and George... so surround them with floor-spreaders!!! Design the strategy/philosophy of the team to where you make the most out of these two dominant forces. Inside-outside game... ball movement... 3-shooters... slasher/cutters. The Clippers should be a symphony...

50CalClips wrote:Create 3-shooting opportunities... that's how this team wins.

50CalClips wrote:Paul George is a career 37.9% 3pt... 38.9% last 5 seasons... 40.3% this season.
George has the GREEN LIGHT for threes, as far as I'm concerned.
(Playoffs: 36.1% career, 38.0% last *5 seasons)

Lou Will, however, is a career 34.9% 3pt... 35.9% last 5 seasons... 36.8% this season (career high).
The league average is 35.5%. If we're going to take away attempts from anyone, it's Lou.
(Playoffs: 26.2% career, 28.2% last *5 seasons)...

THE KEY TO WINNING THE TITLE is exploiting/maximizing the weapons we have. We should be the biggest 3-Shooting team in the league! We have PG, we have Shamet, Bev, Patterson, JaMyke.. we should be toying with teams... if you want to try to clog things up for George/Kawhi and Montrezl... then deal with Shamet, George/Kawhi, JaMychal, Beverley, Patterson raining threes on you... and if you can race back to defend the 3-shot, then deal with Lou, Shamet, Harkless, Beverley, George/Kawhi slashing.

We're no where near that flow.

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