Game 11 : Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Clippers: Nov 11 7:30 PM PCT

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Re: Game 11 : Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Clippers: Nov 11 7:30 PM PCT 

Post#81 » by esqtvd » Sat Nov 13, 2021 8:30 pm

madmaxmedia wrote:
ShaqFTs wrote:the main conclusion im coming to is just how awful a fit Kawhi and PG are together. PG looks like a different player as a centerpiece without having to placate to Kawhi. And Kawhi is Kawih, one of the best in the world. It's just a poor fit from both of them, but we'll see how this group does without Kawhi presumably for the whole season.

Maybe if PG does get that MVP season, Kawhi comes back as the #2 instead of how it was last year.

I don't think they are a horrible combo but it is a situation with overlapping skillsets- they are both highly skilled wings after all. I think a truly bad combo is when there are holes that neither player covers due to their individual deficiencies.

I do think Lue is noticing their individual vs. combo dynamic, and will try to maximize overall team success as we hopefully get both back at the end of the season. Kawhi is generally more efficient but Paul is a better team initiator. I also think Kawhi would be largely the #2 if he makes it back this year, if only due to rustiness.

If we have Kawhi D-ing up and cleaning up bad offensive possessions--his specialties--we have as good a shot as anybody.

[GSW is scary, though, and Klay isn't even back yet.]
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Re: Game 11 : Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Clippers: Nov 11 7:30 PM PCT 

Post#82 » by ShaqFTs » Sun Nov 14, 2021 3:59 am

There's absolutely nothing from Kawhi and PG's team last year that makes me feel confident in their play. If anything, PG played better AFTER Kawhi got injured and this season without him. The fit is not there unless Kawhi takes a backseat and plays as a #2.

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