Final Game of the 2020 Season (maybe)

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Final Game of the 2020 Season (maybe) 

Post#1 » by Mr B » Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:36 am

Well Cowboys are sitting here at 6-9 with a chance to win the division. If Washington loses and the Cowboys win they are in. Personally I don’t think the Eagles beat the WFT however if is does it will be interesting to see what they do in the 1st round.

If the Cowboys were to win a playoff game (by some act of God miracle) it would give them a ton of leverage again Dak in negotiations. If Dalton were to win a playoff game with this team? What could he do with a healthy OL and a revamped defense and a full regular off season? And do it for less than $20M per.

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Re: Final Game of the 2020 Season (maybe) 

Post#2 » by bluejerseyjinx » Sat Jan 2, 2021 8:10 pm

Even without an O-line, Dalton is looking very comfortable with the receivers and scheme of things the past few weeks. Despite all the injuries, etc., I still think the Cowboys are better and should beat the Giants no problem. Cowboys at least have big play guys on offense that can make big plays. If Alex Smith doesn't start for Washington, I give the Egals a great shot at winning.

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