Emmitt Smith Interview - his favorite moments

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Emmitt Smith Interview - his favorite moments 

Post#1 » by Otis Driftwood » Wed May 3, 2017 3:37 pm

Always held that 1995 NFC Championship game in high regard as one of my most memorable games. Looks like Emmitt feels the same.

On his favorite moments in his career:
"Obviously, the day I got drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. That's one of my favorite moments because it was a dream that became true. My second favorite was going and playing in the Super Bowl, my very first Super Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Why? Because six years prior to that I was in Pasadena, Calif., watching the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl with my best friend Johnny Mick. And I said to him I wanted to play in the Super Bowl in that stadium. And I did it six years later. My next favorite moment was right after that when I missed the first two games of the season. No one ever started 0-2 and went back to the Super Bowl. And we did it. But most importantly I rushed for 200-some odd yards on Philadelphia on Halloween night, played the Giants on the final game of the season and had an incredible performance thanks to my teammates and most importantly Eddie Murray who hit a field goal. We went on and went back to the playoffs, I was named MVP that year in the Super Bowl.

"Then my next favorite moment, and this might be one of the highlights in my opinion of what the game of football is all about and what teamwork is all about, is when we lost the NFC Championship game to San Francisco out in San Francisco Barry's first year. Because rarely do you see the soul of the game come out and I saw the soul of the game come out of my teammates that day like you won't believe. Guys that were fighting to each other, pulling for victory. Even though we shot ourselves in the foot nobody quit. I was proud to be on a football team that never quit. You're down 21-nothing. Anybody could have said forget this, game over. We got two Super Bowls, game over. No. Everybody laid it on the lines, blood, sweat and tears. Out there fighting their behinds off all the way to the fourth quarter til it really was over. And I walked away feeling very proud but you had disappointment at the same time. But proud of the fact that nobody quit."
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Re: Emmitt Smith Interview - his favorite moments 

Post#2 » by The Sparest » Fri May 5, 2017 6:16 am

A lot of the 90's guys talk about that game as one of their best memories. It was amazing to watch them fight their way back into that game after that horrible start. It said a lot about their character, and commitment.
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Re: Emmitt Smith Interview - his favorite moments 

Post#3 » by bluejerseyjinx » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:41 pm

Its wasn't my favorite cowboy game, I'll tell you that. Lost a lot of $$$$$ on that one.

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