Sally Jenkins Article on RGIII's Leadership

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Sally Jenkins Article on RGIII's Leadership 

Post#1 » by LyricalRico » Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:27 pm

The remainder of the season is going to be an interesting exercise in diagnostics, a MRI exam of the guts and bones of this team. They will find out how certain people behave in crisis, and who has real leadership. Who will stay true to the platitudes they mouthed when things went well? Who will bow to external pressure? Who will behave straightforwardly, and who will not? Who will confuse ego and control with actual command? Who will be more interested in being right, than in doing right?

It will be a referendum not just on whether the Shanahans have enough managerial agility to survive, but whether they have cultivated enough team loyalty. It also will be a referendum on whether Griffin has actual leadership, or just mouths it. We will find out who this kid, so heavily lacquered with talent and glamour, really is. ... story.html


BOOM! Sally really laying into Griffin over the course of this column. Can't say I disagree, dude is coming off more and more like a douche with every press conference. I wouldn't mind seeing Cousins at this point.
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Re: Sally Jenkins Article on RGIII's Leadership 

Post#2 » by MisterWestside » Sat Nov 23, 2013 5:31 pm

Please don't feed the media trolls. Cousins? The same guy who came in for Griffin in the Broncos game and showed off his superior QB skills by barely averaging over five net yards per attempt and throwing two interceptions?

The issues with the Redskins go far, far beyond what beat writers with an axe to grind will write in their tiresome articles. The leadership angle is all smoke and mirrors; if the Redskins seek to return to contender status they have to look past the crap about Griffin's "lack of leadership" ( :lol: ) and infuse much-needed talent into the roster. The Shanaclan also gotta go.

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