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So I guess McNabb was right all along...

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:22 am
by Knighthonor
I know you all will get mad about this but looks like McNabb wasnt so crazy after all...

A month before the Redskins drafted Griffin in 2012, McNabb told ESPN that Griffin would not fit Shanahan’s offense and that Shanahan had a history of forcing quarterbacks into his system with poor results.

"A lot of times ego gets too involved when it comes to being in Washington,” McNabb said, adding: "If this doesn't work this year, if we don't see a splash like a Cam Newton splash, this could be it. How long does he have with RG3? The seat is hot right now.” ... s-shanahan

Griffin said, “I don’t think Donovan is an idiot by any means. But right now, it’s probably best that we don’t talk."